Bitcoin Weekly 2016 February 3: Wargaming joins forces with Bitpay, Spells of Genesis beta, Blockstream raises $55m …

This week gamers get a boost from Wargaming as they’ll be able to buy their tanks, planes and warships in World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships with bitcoin thanks to a deal with BitPay. The blockchain-based tradable card game Spells of Genesis published by EverdreamSoft has also announced its beta (with web, Android and iOS mobile apps).

And in the world of financial technology, the blockchain is getting attention from investors with Blockstream raising $55 million in Series A funding and blockchain-technology startup Digital Asset receiving a total of $60 million in capital from investors including IBM and Goldman Sacks.

As for the Bitcoin market value, the airy highs of early January–exceeding $450 at the time–appear to be tapering off with market value dropping to $370 USD per BTC at time of posting (according to The past month appears to have had some interesting ups-and-downs with the $400+ value dropping mid January with some flirtation around $400, but a slow down-trend since late January, last week, drifting down to the value it holds currently.

Technology news remains strong with the above video game partnerships and further venture capital being pumped into the Bitcoin ecosystem primarily via blockchain-technology research firms. Keep

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