Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Feb 3: Wargaming joins army with Bitpay, Spells of Genesis beta, Blockstream raises $55m …

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This week gamers get a boost from Wargaming as they’ll be means to buy their tanks, planes and warships in World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships with bitcoin interjection to a understanding with BitPay. The blockchain-based tradable label diversion Spells of Genesis published by EverdreamSoft has also announced a beta (with web, Android and iOS mobile apps).

And in a universe of financial technology, a blockchain is removing courtesy from investors with Blockstream lifting $55 million in Series A appropriation and blockchain-technology startup Digital Asset receiving a sum of $60 million in collateral from investors including IBM and Goldman Sacks.

As for a Bitcoin marketplace value, a ethereal highs of early January–exceeding $450 during a time–appear to be tapering off with marketplace value dropping to $370 USD per BTC during time of posting (according to The past month appears to have had some engaging ups-and-downs with a $400+ value dropping midst Jan with some cheating around $400, though a delayed down-trend given late January, final week, flapping down to a value it binds currently.

Technology news stays clever with a above video diversion partnerships and serve try collateral being pumped into a Bitcoin ecosystem essentially around blockchain-technology investigate firms. Keep

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