Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Mar 10: Chronicled raises $3.4 million …

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A good understanding of courtesy is being laid on blockchain record this year and countless companies are commencement take advantage of probable advancements. Vintage sneaker association Chronicled lifted $3.4 million in seed appropriation to use blockchain record to secure product authenticity.

As for Bitcoin employees can some-more simply get their salary in bitcoin from Bitwage (with a recover of a company’s API) and BitAccess now allows business to buy bitcoins around over 6,000 merchants in Canada.

All of this courtesy on blockchain record has led attention leaders to demeanour to private and exclusive blockchains (such as R3CEV, LLC and a Hyperledger project). However, many in a Bitcoin attention see a spin towards private blockchains as diligent with problems and eschewing one of a things that creates a blockchain function.

Finally, a gaming village perceived an engaging new entrance with Huntercoin, a 2D massively multiplayer online (MMO) diversion that uses a cryptocurrency (HunterCoin) as a currency.


Converse All Star Chuck Taylors — sneakers, not utterly vintage, though positively a code that could be counterfeit. Chronicled’s platform works by installing a intelligent tab in a shoes, that is burned-in with a blockchain ID and interacts with a mobile phone. If

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