Bitcoin Weekly 2016 March 2: OpenBazaar opens on testnet, Coinbase debit card buys, Bitcoin network DoS …

This week the distributed peer-to-peer marketplace project OpenBazaar opened up on the Bitcoin testnet so that the system can be alpha tested for bugs. Bitcoin wallet company Coinbase, Inc. has begun to offer debit card instant purchase of bitcoins to U.S.-based users.

Japan is currently debating how to treat virtual currencies, such as bitcoin, and a legislator has called for an exemption from taxaction when bitcoins are bought.

The Bitcoin network has been under an apparent denial of service attack from the end of last month. While DoS attacks have happened in the past, this one is filling up blocks with malicious spam transactions during a time when the block size debate is ongoing. See below for details and discussion as well as a video showing off the origin of the malicious spam transactions.

Finally, for readers interested in the world of gaming and the blockchain IBTimes has run an article looking at the current market for digital assets secured by blockchain technology. The ecosystem includes the game Spells of Genesis (SoG), not-yet-launched startup companies AvatarTrader and Ownage, and finally a discussion of how blockchains could be used to enable indie developers to monetize games and engage players.

Bitcoin market value currently sits at

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