Bitcoin Weekly 2016 March 30: CoinTrader exchange closes doors, Coinkite shutting down web wallet, MIT raises …

A number of Bitcoin service closures happened this week starting with Cointrader, Canadian Bitcoin exchange, which abruptly shut down and Coinkite, Inc. which is phasing out its web wallet service to focus on other projects.

MIT is helping to relieve some of the burden on Bitcoin Core development with the announcement of a fund (now at $900,000) to help pay the salaries of developers including Gavin Andresen, Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields.

Finally, for enterprising developers, a Chef Cookbook that automates the installation, configuration and launch of a Bitcoin Full Node is available on GitHub.

Bitcoin market value currently sits around $415.96 (, which is a little bit of a dip from last week where it rested around $420. The market value has remained in the band over the past seven days, with a brief jump to $425 between March 27 and March 29, before finally hitting the value seen today. Early March 2016 market value was around $440, but it quickly fell to the $420 range and it has sit there relatively. One factor that may affect upcoming volatility is the approach of Bitcoin Halving Day expected in a little over

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