Bitcoin Weekly 2016 May 11: OpenBazaar 1.1.5, Bitbank Chinese mine, Gemini adds Ethereum trading

Looks like Bitcoin survived the recent appearance and disappearance of self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin, Craig Wright. Who made his debut along with promises of proof last Monday and lasted until Thursday when he abruptly pulled up stakes taking his alleged proof with him and closed his blog.

This week’s news is nowhere near as exciting as attempting to analyze the rise of yet-another Satoshi Nakamoto; but it still has some fun topics.

Peer-to-peer marketplace OpenBazaar continues to develop apace with the release of version 1.1.5, which adds e-mail notifications, easy server switching, CSV data export and improved listing information.

The BBC published a report about a giant Bitcoin mining facility located in a remote Chinese village with an interesting 360-degree video.

Also, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex just upgraded some of their services.

The Bitcoin market price last week was close to $450 USD and once again this week it remains right around $450. In between those seven days, the price rose on May 6 to $460, held that price until May 10, and then fell back down to near $450 again.

Screenshot of OpenBazaar client.

Screenshot of OpenBazaar client.

New features in the OpenBazaar 1.1.5 release

Unique open

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