Bitcoin Weekly 2016 May 25: US Postal Service looks into blockchain-technology, Bitcoin smart contracts by end of …

This week the Bitcoin community saw a fairly slow news cycle but there’s still some gems to be found. The United States Postal Service released a report on Monday outlining the government’s approach to using blockchain-technology to enhance what the post office already does, and add services such as financial services and identity management for citizens.

RSK Labs, also known as Rootstock, has announced that the company will be using 2way-pegged Bitcoin sidechains to deliver smart contracts to the Bitcoin blockchain by the end of 2016. Media for the community claims these smart contracts will be better than the Ethereum blockchain, which has a claim to fame for doing smart contracts extremely well.

Somewhat popular iOS game SaruTobi that tips players in bitcoins has just been released on the Android operating system. The developer of the game has some things to say about using bitcoin to promote and spread a mobile game.

Finally, Balaji Srinivasan, CEO of 21 Inc., argues that bitcoin will clearly become the currency of the next-gen of virtual worlds, especially because of its born-digital nature (and mentions virtual reality), although exactly how that will come together is still hard to tell.

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