Bitcoin Weekly 2016 September 1: Bitcoin exchange hacks will continue, ZapChain shuts down, Roger Ver joins PIA …

Did you know that between 2009 and 2015 almost one-third of all Bitcoin exchanges suffered a hack and that almost half of all exchanges during the period closed? Not too surprising, given that Bitcoin is still an emerging and developing market, but this statistic from a report out of the University of Tulsa’s Tandy School of Computer Science shines a light on the current security (or insecurity) facing Bitcoin exchanges right now.

Bitcoiner question and answer gurus mourn the loss of ZapChain, an innovative QA forum that used microtransactions to monetize conversations; the website shut down yesterday, August 31, 2016 without much fanfare. Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus” and founder of, joined the board of advisors of Private Internet Access (PIA) a VPN provider who offer a bitcoin payment solution for subscriptions.

And lastly, Visa Europe Collab is collaborating with blockchain-technology outfit BTL (Blockchain Technology Ltd.) to run a proof-of-concept test of a intrabank remittance platform to make cross border payments between banks less painful. charts show the Bitcoin market average slightly lower today, but the range over the past week remains around $570 USD per BTC. charts show the Bitcoin market average slightly

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