Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Sep 1: Bitcoin sell hacks will continue, ZapChain shuts down, Roger Ver joins PIA …

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Did we know that between 2009 and 2015 roughly one-third of all Bitcoin exchanges suffered a penetrate and that roughly half of all exchanges during a duration closed? Not too surprising, given that Bitcoin is still an rising and building market, though this statistic from a news out of the University of Tulsa’s Tandy School of Computer Science shines a light on a stream confidence (or insecurity) confronting Bitcoin exchanges right now.

Bitcoiner doubt and answer gurus weep a detriment of ZapChain, an innovative QA forum that used microtransactions to monetize conversations; a website close down yesterday, Aug 31, 2016 though most fanfare. Roger Ver, also famous as “Bitcoin Jesus” and owner of, assimilated a house of advisors of Private Internet Access (PIA) a VPN provider who offer a bitcoin remuneration resolution for subscriptions.

And lastly, Visa Europe Collab is collaborating with blockchain-technology outfit BTL (Blockchain Technology Ltd.) to run a proof-of-concept exam of a intrabank remittance height to make cranky limit payments between banks reduction painful. charts uncover a Bitcoin marketplace normal somewhat reduce today, though a operation over a past week stays around $570 USD per BTC. charts uncover a Bitcoin marketplace normal slightly

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