Bitcoin Weekly: Adam Black becomes Blockstream CEO, Bitcoin exchanges enhance and some-more investment funding

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A lot of business is going on in a Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem this week. A shakeup happened during a Bitcoin record startup Blockstream when co-founder Austin Hill quit his position as arch executive and co-founder Adam Black was allocated to a position. India’s biggest Bitcoin association Unocoin announced $1.5 million USD in investment funding. Factom also announced Series A appropriation to a balance of $4.2 million USD.

As for Bitcoin exchanges, Gemini and Kraken are in a news. Gemini has announced an enlargement into Singapore and Hong Kong, business can now account and repel from banks in those regions. Kraken has combined Augur Reputation Tokens to a list of tradable cryptocurrencies (alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum).

IBM predicts that blockchain record will sojourn renouned this year with a consult of over 200 financial institutions worldwide–15 percent news a vigilant to have blockchain products during scale by 2017 with 66 percent awaiting to have blockchain operations by 2020.

As for a Bitcoin market, a stream marketplace value of BTC sits during $614 USD ( This is a really tiny arise from final week’s marketplace value of $611 USD.

Adam Black allocated CEO of Bitcoin startup Blockstream

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