Bitcoin Weekly Recap 9-23-2016 – DCEBrief

Bitcoin Weekly Recap 9-23-2016


Gemini Trading to Offer Daily Auctions

In a first for Bitcoin exchanges, Gemini Trading is reportedly getting ready to host end-of-day Bitcoin auctions on its exchange. Gemini, the Winklevoss twins’ Bitcoin and Ethereum trading exchange will offer the daily auctions using BTC/USD two-sided bids for now, with other trading pairs added at some point in the future. The innovative move is expected to concentrate liquidity during the auction period, help sellers and buyers locate one another with greater ease, and provide a more official closing price for investors, banks, and other interested parties.

Company officials have noted that this feature is something that has become standard with more conventional exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange – where auctions are used to more accurately identify closing prices. By adopting the mechanism for their exchange, the Winklevoss brothers are attempting to provide yet another tool for investors.

AmsterdamGold Now Accepting Bitcoin

Thanks in large part to BitPay’s efforts, there has been a growing connection developing between companies in the precious metals industry and Bitcoin. The latest company to partner with BitPay and accept Bitcoin

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