‘Bitcoin will be the Technology that Unifies a United States of Africa’

Bitcoin has made a lot of progress over the last six-plus years. It has gone from a Western-based invention used by a few computer guys like Satoshi Nakamoto, the late Hal Finney, and Mike Hearn to a mostly Chinese-mined digital currency, with millions of users, worldwide. The final frontier is acceptance and use in “The Third World,” where traditional banking is the exception, and economic development is more of a need than a societal given.

Recently, Bitcoin has begun to see fledgling use in some countries of Africa.

Meet Sinclair Skinner. He is the founder of BitMari, and his company is looking to bring Bitcoin into the African mainstream. He connected with me on LinkedIn, and I interviewed him about how things are progressing in the country for his business and the local interest in “The Future of Money.”

Zimbabwe: From economic ruin to cutting-edge global economics

The tumultuous history of Zimbabwe has been well documented when it comes to financial difficulty. Since their Zimbabwe dollar collapsed in 2008, the country is just now starting to recover and rebuild a working currency around the U.S. Dollar. Using the South African Rand for smaller

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