Bitcoin Will Help Boost Ecommerce Growth In Europe

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There are dedicated plans on the table to boost cross-border ecommerce in the European region over the next few years. The European Commission has drafted some new rules which address some of the most common hurdles when dealing with online commerce in Europe. This news can also be beneficial for Bitcoin adoption in the long run.

When dealing with ecommerce in the European region, there are still some significant hurdles that need be tackled. Geoblocking remains a critical issue, as well as parcel delivery in other countries being too expensive. Additionally, consumer trust can always be improved. The European Commission has come up with new rules which should address these issues all at once.

The Ecommerce Rules Are Changing

Geoblocking is critical within the European Union, as there are some regions where items are far cheaper or more expensive than others. Especially in the ecommerce industry, these prices should be on the same level everywhere. However, that is much easier said than done, and for the time being, a lot of consumers do not have access to the best deals available.

Cross-border parcel delivery is another top priority for the European Commission. Consumers and enterprises should always have the most efficient and affordable solution

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