Bitcoin-XT: A Design Review

The new Bitcoin-XT client – which essentially forks the Bitcoin block chain – has been the subject of much controversy in recent weeks in the Bitcoin community. So much so that coverage has leaked into the mainstream media causing wild fluctuations in the Bitcoin price. Some do not consider BXT to be Bitcoin. Instead, they paint it as an alt-coin. 

The debate centers on whether or not certain changes in Bitcoin’s code should be implemented. If such changes are implemented then Bitcoin’s block size – the part of the code that controls the number of transactions which take place – would be increased eight times. Some Bitcoiners are worried this could compromise Bitcoin.

The design for Bitcoin-XT is slick. It is brought to the Bitcoin community by the same group of programmers as the Bitcoin-QT or Core: The Bitcoin Programmers. Some of the main Bitcoin programmers supportive of Bitcoin-XT have been Michael Hearn and Gavin Andresen. Other programmers have opposed the proposed changes. Below you can see the screen while Installing BXT on a mac. The logo and design is clearly much slicker than QT. 


Installing BXT


In many ways, the design

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