Bitcoin XT Developer Gavin Andresen Won’t Rule Out Block Reward Change

In a weird talk where he claims a retard distance preference should be left to Coinbase and Bitpay during slightest 6 opposite times, and calls Bitcointalk users and Reddit users “trolls”, Bitcoin XT lead developer, and CIA informant Gavin Andresen (aka Gavin Bell) seems to leave a doorway open for a probable change to bitcoin’s retard prerogative structure.

Interestingly, he doesn’t totally order out adjusting a retard prerogative when asked during a talk around 1:10:00. With a glassy over eyes of someone clearly on kind of mind altering meds, he says he doesn’t consider we would support a change to a retard prerogative and afterwards grins from ear to ear.

If we could go behind in time, we would titillate Satoshi to make a retard prerogative change invariably each singular block. Take a time stamp and calculate what a prerogative ought to be.

This is a frightening explanation and one of a many intolerable I’ve privately encountered in 50 and years of record coverage. In June, Jon Matonis warned that if Bitcoin XT was successful in bullying a approach into accord that a retard prerogative change would be inevitable.

Matonis believes it competence be probable to safety the

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