Bitcoin XT Developer Gavin Andresen Won’t Rule Out Block Reward Change

In a bizarre interview where he claims the block size decision should be left to Coinbase and Bitpay at least six different times, and calls Bitcointalk users and Reddit users “trolls”, Bitcoin XT lead developer, and CIA informant Gavin Andresen (aka Gavin Bell) seems to leave the door open for a possible change to bitcoin’s block reward structure.

Interestingly, he doesn’t completely rule out adjusting the block reward when asked during the interview around 1:10:00. With the glazed over eyes of someone clearly on kind of mind altering meds, he says he doesn’t think we would support a change to the block reward and then grins from ear to ear.

If I could go back in time, I would urge Satoshi to make the block reward change continuously every single block. Take the time stamp and calculate what the reward ought to be.

This is a frightening revelation and one of the most shocking I’ve personally encountered in 50 plus years of technology coverage. In June, Jon Matonis warned that if Bitcoin XT was successful in bullying its way into consensus that a block reward change would be inevitable.

Matonis believes it might be possible to preserve the 21 million bitcoin cap, but only if Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen withdrawal fail at their attempts to hard fork bitcoin by propagating their software to existing nodes.

Bitcoin XT is attempting to fork the core code by propagating it through the existing nodes. I would urge Gavin and Mike Hearn to withdrawal the Bitcoin XT propagation starting today. (If Gavin and Hearn succeed) it will eventually lead to a 21 million cap change.

Now it looks like Matonis had some insider knowledge as to the secret plans of Gavin and his co-conspirator Mike Hearn. If two rouge developers are successful in taking Bitcoin hostage and controlling its core software it could become the most centralized currency on the planet.

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