Bitcoin XT Launched amid Ugly Debates

Bitcoin core developers Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn have forked the Bitcoin code in an attempt to support more transactions per hour.

Titled Bitcoin XT, the new client has split itself from all the previous Bitcoin Core versions, for it has increased the digital currency’s current block size limit, and has further introduced new patches to resolve issues related to double spending, DDOS attacks, and network robustness.

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Despite its well-intentioned innovation, the forked version hasn’t been received well by the Bitcoin community. There are debates going on various social media forums — especially Reddit — that — in one or another — oppose the idea of forking the Bitcoin code. Both Andresen and Hearn are facing a lot of heat from the people to force a solution that was originally rejected by a consensus. In true sense, they are more worried about the centralization of Bitcoin development which, as one of the critics quote, is “against the ethics of Satoshi Nakamoto”.

The community is finding it hard to trust Andresen, for the foundation he represents is known to have eaten a lot of development funds for nothing. The

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