Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Australia Boots Bitcoin, ERNIT’s New Piggy Bank


This past week, the Bitcoin markets seemed to be relatively quiet, while subtly hinting at a desire to see the digital currency increase in value. Throughout the course of the week, the Bitcoin price rose from the mid $230s to the high $230s, brushing against $240 several times. This modest growth occurred with a backdrop of fairly mild news.

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Daily Bitcoin Price Action

  • September 28: $236.47
  • September 29: $237.02
  • September 30: $237.31
  • October 1: $236.72
  • October 2: $237.80
  • October 3: $238.15
  • October 4 Open: $239
  • October 4 Close: $238.59

Total Change: +0.89%


cryptonitSeptember 28, 2015 opened with the Bitcoin price at $236.47. The markets made some notable gains during the first half of the day, reaching $239 by midday. The growth tapered off in the afternoon, though, hovering in the high $230s. The price briefly spiked at 8 PM, hitting an hourly high of $240.56. However, the price took a dip at 9 PM, hitting $236 at 10. The day closed on a positive note, rising to $237 in preparation for another

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