Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin XT Dies, Bitcoin Price Stabilizes

Bitcoinist News Re-HashBitcoinist News Re-Hash

Bitcoiners breathed a sigh of relief this week when the drama-fueled price decline finally came to a close. The downtrend persisted for the first two days of the week, but the price quickly rebounded and began making small — yet welcome — gains that continued for the rest of the week. This recovery in the markets coincided with the winding down of the Bitcoin XT drama, which began drawing to a close as miners rejected XT in favor of a much more modest BIP 100.

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Daily Bitcoin Price Action

  • Aug 24: $228.26
  • Aug 25: $204.02
  • Aug 26: $220.27
  • Aug 27: $224.19
  • Aug 28: $224.15
  • Aug 29: $231.72
  • Aug 30 Open: $231.33
  • Aug 30 Close: $227.50

Total Change: -0.33%

Monday, August 24, 2015 opened the week with the Bitcoin price at $228.26, continuing the decline that persisted throughout last week. The price trended downwards for the entire day, actually falling below $200 at 8 PM and hitting a low of $198.12. The markets attempted to recover from this trough in the last few hours of the

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