Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Visa Tackles the Blockchain, Bitcoin XT, and More

Bitcoinist News Re-HashBitcoinist News Re-Hash

Most of the week was relatively quiet in terms of Bitcoin price, hovering around the $265 mark until the end of the week, when it began falling again. As we predicted last week, the Greco-Chinese hype seems to have worn off in the midst of Mark Karpeles’ arrest; the price stayed relatively stable, and the possibility that it would continue falling ended up coming to fruition.

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Daily Bitcoin Price Action

  • Aug 10: $265.89
  • Aug 11: $265.36
  • Aug 12: $270.11
  • Aug 13: $265.51
  • Aug 14: $262.88
  • Aug 15: $265.77
  • Aug 16 Open: 261.36
  • Aug 16 Close: $256.96

Total Change: -3.35%

2000px-Old_Visa_Logo2000px-Old_Visa_LogoMonday, August 10, 2015 opened at $265.89, kicking the week off continuing the pattern that emerged late last week. Throughout the entire day, the Bitcoin price floated in the mid-to-low $260s, hitting a daily low of $261.60 at 9 AM.

Tuesday continued the mid $260s trend in the morning hours, but the market attempted a comeback in the early evening. At 5 PM, the Bitcoin price jumped to $268.82; the

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