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Bitcoinj Maintainer Andreas Schildbach: Segregated Witness value a Effort

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The long-lasting retard distance brawl has catapulted into a core of courtesy again. One of a many talked-about developments is Segregated Witness, of that a open testnet iteration – SegNet – waslaunched in January. The creation as recently due by Blockstream co-founder and Bitcoin Core developer Dr. Pieter Wuille is a centerpiece of a scalability “roadmap” set out by Bitcoin Core.

To find out where a broader growth village stands on Segregated Witness, Bitcoin Magazine reached out to library and wallet developers, those who will need to do a complicated lifting in sequence to implement a creation once rolled out.

In partial 7 of this series: Bitcoin Wallet developer and bitcoinj maintainer Andreas Schildbach.

Segregated Witness Makes Future Extensions Easier

Schildbach is a developer behind Bitcoin Wallet, a initial and really renouned Bitcoin wallet app for Android. He also maintains a bitcoinj Java library, that was primarily combined by new R3CEV-hire Mike Hearn, and provides a basement for Bitcoin Wallet and many other wallet apps.

While Segregated Witness perceived a lot of courtesy in light of a retard distance dispute, many developers are quite vehement about a improvements to a Bitcoin custom that don’t regard a block

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