Bitcoin’s alleged architect troubled by financial, tax issues

SYDNEY/SINGAPORE Australian Craig Steven Wright is the latest in a line of men alleged to be the mysterious creator of bitcoin, a digital currency that has attracted the interest of banks, speculators, criminals and regulators.

Wired magazine, which along with fellow U.S. publication Gizmodo published a story outing Wright based on a stash of leaked documents and emails, called him a genius.

But interviews with those who have done business with Wright, and a closer inspection of documents published by the two technology websites paint a more complex picture. They point to a smart but sometimes abrasive figure facing growing legal and financial problems at least in part caused by his involvement with bitcoin.

While it was not immediately possible to support or refute claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto – the person or group credited with writing the paper, protocols and software that led to bitcoin – some of those who worked with Wright raised questions about the timing of the leak and the likelihood that he was Nakamoto.

“It can’t be him, there’s no way he could have kept quiet about it this long,” said a former senior employee at Hotwire Preemptive

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