Bitcoin’s Big Challenge in 2016: Reaching 100 Million Users

Michael Jackson is the former COO of Skype, a current venture capital investor at Mangrove Capital Partners and a board member at bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain.

Here he explores the importance of creating bitcoin products and services that will delight users globally and prove the technology’s worth in 2016.

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As a lifelong technologist, engineer, and now partner with Mangrove Capital Partners, I often reflect on the transformative developments that impact the world around me. I’ve spent my career watching the World Wide Web unleash unfettered information across the world.

Paradigm shifting technologies don’t come along that often, so it’s critical to capture the moment when they do. Right now, it’s impossible to step into an accelerator anywhere in Europe without hearing someone talk about the blockchain.

The blockchain is ubiquitous yet, as many readers of CoinDesk already know, it continues to be vastly misunderstood.

Just saying that a business can use blockchain technology means very little. Business are built in the daily grind by forging enduring relationships with users and creating communities. You can have a good team with a lousy product or can have an amazing idea but no execution. Success requires the constant

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