Bitcoin’s Calm before a Storm?

The Bitcoin marketplace is comparatively unvaried from yesterday.  A bit aloft though zero remarkable.  Here is a 8-hour draft we looked during yesterday:

11_14a11_14aAs we can see, a 2nd arc of a span supposing support, though a tip of a block has been plain resistance.  This leads us to a repeated doubt traders ask all a time”  Which will give first? Resistance or Support?

I continue to trust that a support will give first, for reasons discussed during length in new columns.  In a nutshell, it’s since a 1st arc span has already been disregarded 3 times.  we design it is therefore rarely expected that we will see a exam of a 2nd arc pair.

If my operative supposition that this is an A-B-C call settlement is correct, afterwards one some-more call down to a area of a A low would be appropriate.  Anywhere in a yellow prominence would be neat on several levels.

Here is a daily chart:

11_14b11_14bAs we can see, cost is still super-glued to a 3rd

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