Bitcoin’s New ATM Capital of the World Moves Near Military Hot Zone

2015 has been a stabilizing year for Bitcoin, but now its global expansion has taken a unique twist. Thousands of bitcoin ATMs have multiplied like rabbits all year long, but where they have ended up may surprise you. The new global Bitcoin consumer ATM Mecca has shifted to Eastern Europe near the hotly-contested military crossroads of the Ukraine.

Economic Freedom Reaches Military Hot Zone

The Ukraine, which is considering legalizing Bitcoin through its banking system, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last two years: from commercial airliners allegedly going down via missile attacks; to the nation’s political regime change; to NATO versus Russia military build-ups that may become a precursor to World War III.

What has gone largely unnoticed during this period of geopolitical upheaval is the foundation of Bitcoin business and economic exchange that is beginning to be made throughout the turbulent country, along with other countries throughout Eastern Europe.

If you have used a RedBox movie service you may be familiar with the electronic kiosk concept in the West. Payment companies use similar kiosks for many different services like paying utility bills and loading debit cards. Over the last few months, Ukrainian payments leader

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