Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster On Hiatus?

The briny seas of bitcoin have been calm this week. Andreas Antonopoulos, author of “Mastering Bitcoin,” is predicting great things for bitcoin’s future. We’d like to see his crystal ball. Forex Paradise is diving into the bitcoin space and offering its first bitcoin debit cards, and Bitwala is launching a digital wallet.

Author Predicts Bitcoin Will Prevail

Although Andreas Antonopoulos sees great things afoot for bitcoin, exactly what those are might not be apparent for decades, according to Forbes.

Antonopoulos was won over by bitcoin in 2012, at which point he resigned as a computer scientist specializing in security – ironic considering that security is one of bitcoin’s biggest banes – to devote all of his time to bitcoin.

But Antonopoulos addresses the theft at Bitfinex and the hacking that lost $78 million worth of bitcoin and argues that the security problems

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