Bitcoin’s Russian Problem, Eulogy And New Supporters

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Western Union only put a toe in a bitcoin/blockchain waters.

It announced an investment in Digital Currency Group, a bitcoin/blockchain startup-focused investment firm, that includes former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who is portion as an confidant and also put income up.

This comes during a time a investment association is attempting to concentration some-more on blockchain than bitcoin itself — a common thesis in a industry.

The sum sojourn underneath wraps, though as it was explained by David Thompson, Western Union’s arch record officer, a impasse is to “keep a eye on innovation.” Western Union is also using a commander module with Ripple.

Summers himself has been vested in bitcoin for scarcely dual years.

“I am someone who believes in a ability of record to take out friction,” Summers told The Wall Street Journal. “That’s a high purpose of finance: to promote sell rather than speculate.”


Russia Tightens Anti-Bitcoin Laws

It’s obvious that Russia’s lawmakers aren’t bitcoin lovers.


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