Bitcoins Worth Nearly 1m EUR Confiscated in Dark Web Crackdown

Bitcoin has seen its fair share of “less than legitimate” marketplaces in the past, and it looks like more and more Dark Web marketplaces are embracing the digital currency for its pseudonymous nature.  Just a few days ago, another Dark Web marketplace was shut down, and 11,000 Bitcoin wallets and private keys have been seized by Italian police officials.

Operation Babylon Cracks Down on Dark Web Marketplace

As soon as the topic comes up, most people will think back to the times when Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0 were around. Both of these illuster marketplaces allowed the trading of any type of goods or services – regardless of legality or morality – in exchange for the increasingly popular digital currency called Bitcoin.

Despite all of the trouble, both Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0 operators and customers have gone through, various Dark Web marketplaces are still using Bitcoin payments to grant users a certain level of anonymity.  After all, many people think Bitcoin is an anonymous payment method, while it really isn’t.

Bitcoin is a protocol that does not allow the end user to submit personal information regarding name or whereabouts in

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