Aims To Bring Bitcoin Deals To Customers Worldwide

Bitcoin is an interesting alternative payment option for both retailers and consumers.  Retailers can save a lot of money in fees per transactions, and attract customers from all over the world.  But so far, there have been little to no specific “Bitcoin Deals” for consumers. That is about to change, though, as is collecting all available Bitcoin Deals right now. – Bitcoin Deals for Everyone

Whenever you are looking to spend some of your Bitcoin holdings for shopping purposes, there is rarely a proper incentive to spend your coins.  This is not because there aren’t enough useful things we can buy with Bitcoin.  There are plenty of merchants who accept BTC as an alternate payment method, but, there is no special deal or discount in most cases, even though merchants are saving on costs compared to credit card transactions.

As a result, the problem of hoarding Bitcoin is created.  Granted, there are several factors influencing this problem as well, but not giving users a proper reason to spend coins isn’t helping the matter either. is looking to change that, by creating a platform that gathers all Bitcoin deals available on the

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