BitDefender Hacked; Passwords Unencrypted and Hacker to be Paid in BTC

BitDefender, an award winning internet security Software Company based in Romania has fallen victim to a data breach which leaked the company’s customer data including usernames and passwords to an anonymous hacker.

The customer data stolen by a hacker with an online alias “DetoxRansome” told Forbes that all information including passwords and usernames were unencrypted. According to “Detoxansome,” the usernames and passwords were in plain text. However, if it were encrypted, it would have been extremely difficult to decrypt.

Fortunately, the data stolen accounts to “less than 1% of the company’s customer data,” said a spokesman of BitDefender.

The Demand

The hacker sent an email to a potential buyer, which is suspected to be BitDefender or law enforcement agencies working together with the security firm to resolve to issue saying:

“[T]his has the potential of being huge as I’m able to sniff all customer usernames and passes gov mil pharm etc this is big as i was able to hack by using this.”

On Twitter, the hacker demanded US$15,000 in exchange for the data that he has stolen.

DetoxRansom then listed

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