Bitfinex Market Freeze Sends Bitcoin Price Crashing

Bitfinex Market Freeze Sends Bitcoin Price Crashing

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Bitfinex, one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges, went down for the second time within a day today at 10AM London time for four hours following “network issues” within Bitfinex’s datacentres according to Zane Tackett, Director of Community and Product Development.

Bitfinex Major Outage For Hours

Bitfinex Major Outage For Hours

The unexpected suspension of trading sent price crashing last night to $700 from almost $780. Bitcoin’s price continued to fall as low as  $650 today before slightly recovering.


In responding to our question of whether this was a hack, bitfinex stated in a public tweet “No, not in any way.”

In response to our question on whether cold and hot wallets have been checked and whether everything is in order, Tackett stated:

“All funds are completely safe and have been from the beginning. If you

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