bitFlyer Charges Huge Commission Fee To Foreigners Buying Bitcoin

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Although Japan seems to be warming adult to cryptocurrency, it can be utterly costly to squeeze Bitcoin. Over in China, people are roughly removing used to profitable a tiny reward cost on tip of a marketplace value. But when people in Japan compensate a cost of over 7.4% in commission, things demeanour distant reduction appealing all of a sudden.

Buying Bitcoin In Japan is Not Necessarily Cheap

People vital in a Eastern partial of a creation might have beheld how some things seem to be some-more costly to them for some reason. Especially when it comes to buying Bitcoin, things can get utterly costly fast. Although there is zero wrong with profitable a tiny reward price, anything above 3% raises some questions.

One Reddit user forked out how his Bitcoin squeeze on a bitflyer sell would be theme to a 7.41% elect fee. It is critical to note this would be a squeeze done by a non-Japanese resident, creation it rather bizarre as to because they would use bitFlyer in a initial place. Then again, these fees are distant too high regardless, and it is an emanate that needs to be addressed.

There is no sold reason

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