Bitfortip: Combining ‘Yahoo! Answers’ with Digital Currency

While community-driven knowledge markets have been around since Yahoo!, Bitfortip, is a new service that allows users to post questions and pay Bitcoin to people who submit the best answers.

The site was created by Greek tech geek Panagiotis Pollis when he was searching online to find a T-shirt identical to one he misplaced. He told CoinTelegraph:

“Bitfortip makes it possible, as it’s very easy to use and can motivate people to search [for an item] for you, in exchange for some Bitcoins. So both parties can benefit.”

Each question is automatically shared on the website’s Twitter and” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”Facebook pages. The website’s simple motto reads, “Get paid for answering questions,”and it provides an alternative to the usual online surveys that offer to pay people for answering questions. On Bitfortip, the questions can be personal, and users may even help each other.

Panagiotis Pollis

Bitcoin for Answers

Bitfortip was in beta until very recently, and it currently has 160 active users. Due to its newness and its niche market, Pollis understands that he’s “targeting a very specific audience who have to know about Bitcoin, and obviously already own or would like to

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