BitForTip – Earn Bitcoin By Answering Questions

One of the best ways to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible is by combining a learning experience with a reward system. BitForTip is a newly launched platform, which will get you paid for answering people’s questions.  Along the way, you might even learn a thing or two, making this a very fun experience for novice Bitcoin users.

BitForTip – Learning And EarningBitforTip

Many people around the world struggle with the concept of obtaining their first piece of a Bitcoin. That is mostly because of a lack of education in this area;  everyone assumes you have to buy Bitcoin to get some. But there are other alternatives as well, which do not require you to buy anything. The only cost involved is a bit of your time.

If you are truly interested in Bitcoin and digital currency, there is no better way to go about it than by reading up and learning new things on a daily basis. BitforTip will let you do exactly that, as you can ask any question about anything you want to know, and reward the best answer with a small Bitcoin tip.

This platform also

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