Bitfury Introduces ‘Flare’ Routing Solution for Lightning Network

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Bitfury Group has recently introduced a 40-page white paper, which proposes a routing solution for the Lightning Network (LN). Dubbed “Flare,” the concept is an approach to payment routing that involves nodes gathering data concerning the LN topology. The researchers performed tests with the routing algorithm and found it to be scalable with at least 100,000 nodes.

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Bitfury Describes a Lightning Network Enhancement Called ‘Flare’

BitfuryThe research paper, written by Pavel Prihodko, Slava Zhigulin, Mykola Sahno, Aleksei Ostrovskiy, and Olaoluwa Osuntokun, explores how the Lightning Network could scale more efficiently and enhance micropayment technology with the use of Flare.

The white paper is the researchers’ first attempt to describe an “algorithmic solution for future implementation of the Lightning Network on the Bitcoin Blockchain that will allow for transaction processing scalability.” Bitfury Group collaborated with the LN team to create this project in hopes of promoting a faster Bitcoin network.

The white paper explains:

The design goal for the algorithm is to ensure that routes can be found as quickly as possible. This is accomplished at the cost of each node proactively gathering information about the Lightning

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