Bitfury Lightning Network Algorithm ‘Flare’ Addresses Bitcoin Scaling Challenge

Bitfury Lightning Network Algorithm ‘Flare’ Addresses Bitcoin Scaling Challenge

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ACINQ, a French startup that develops bitcoin products, successfully tested the Bitfury Group’s payment routing solution called Flare on the Lightning Network, according to an ACINQ press release. The test bodes well for addressing the bitcoin scaling challenge.

Bitfury Group’s white paper in July 2016 described the specifications for an algorithm to spur additional academic progress. ACINQ used these specs to code a payment routing algorithm and tested it with 2,500 AWS nodes. ACINQ found the Flare algorithm could locate a payment route in around 0.5 seconds with an 80% probability.

Bitfury Group: Test Proves Commitment

Valery Vavilov, Bitfury Group CEO, said the success demonstrates his group’s commitment to research and to supporting the Lightning Network deployment. The team’s engineers and fellow blockchain organizations are dedicated to Lightning’s success.


Flare’s test, with small modifications from ACINQ, demonstrates the solution is successful beyond being theoretically

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