BitGirls: Japan regulating lovable ‘idol’ girls to get consumers meddlesome in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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A new TV uncover is rising in Japan that will use lovable lady “idols” to deliver a judgment of cryptocurrency and blockchain to a consumer audience, permitting a assembly to opinion for a girls they like.

The BitGirls TV show is a new existence programme starting on 2 Oct that will underline 10 immature women. The contestants will perform on a show, wearing a accumulation of costumes and showcasing opposite talents including balloon art, automobile racing and cosmetic model-building.

Each lady is radically a cryptocurrency, and a assembly can support their favourite lady by purchasing her personal tokens, famous as “Torekabu” – an alliance of a Japanese difference “Toreka” (trading cards) and “Kabu” (stocks and shares). Just like in a genuine world, recognition of certain girls on a uncover over others will impact a cost of a tokens, definition that certain girls’ tokens will have a aloft value than others.

Ideally, a show’s producers – Osaka-based cryptocurrency sell height Zaif Exchange – would like to emanate a live TV knowledge identical to that of The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, whereby a open pays each time they opinion on a contestant, and fans are willing

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