BitGirls: Japan using cute ‘idol’ girls to get consumers interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

A new TV show is launching in Japan that will use cute girl “idols” to introduce the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain to a consumer audience, allowing the audience to vote for the girls they like.

The BitGirls TV show is a new reality programme starting on 2 October that will feature 10 young women. The contestants will perform on the show, wearing a variety of costumes and showcasing different talents including balloon art, car racing and plastic model-building.

Each girl is essentially a cryptocurrency, and the audience can support their favourite girl by purchasing her personal tokens, known as “Torekabu” – an amalgamation of the Japanese words “Toreka” (trading cards) and “Kabu” (stocks and shares). Just like in the real world, popularity of certain girls on the show over others will affect the price of the tokens, meaning that certain girls’ tokens will have a higher value than others.

Ideally, the show’s producers – Osaka-based cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif Exchange – would like to create a live TV experience similar to that of The X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, whereby the public pays every time they vote on a contestant, and fans are willing

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