BitGo Insurance Blog Taken down as Bitfinex Fiasco Continues

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Since Bitfinex lost over $72 million worth of bitcoins in the recent security breach, the focus is now being turned towards its wallet provider as well. BitGo, the Palo Alto-based Bitcoin security firm is responsible for offering Bitcoin wallet services to the affected platform.

While Bitfinex continues to investigate the origin of the hacking attack, disgruntled customers have found BitGo making few changes on its blog to prevent a blowback from the Bitfinex incident. According to reports, the Bitcoin wallet service provider has recently removed one of its blog posts. The post about insurance coverage for BitGo users was allegedly removed by the company after the Bitfinex incident. Those trying to access the link are countered by a 404 “Page not Found” error.

BitGo has maintained that there were no breach or security issues from its side. Similarly, few reports on the internet mention that Bitfinex has let BitGo off the hook by stating that the wallet provider has no role in the recent fiasco. However, a portion of the Bitcoin community feels that both BitGo and Bitfinex should be held liable for the loss of customers’ funds. Being the wallet service provider, BitGo should

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