Bitgold – There’s zero “Bit” about it

When Bitgold was initial recognised progressing this year, it was believed that a association was formulating a height that would impersonate a BItcoin system, and yield a decentralized bullion currency, as against to a Bitcoin “token” denominated system. While information on a complement was hairy during first, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts were vehement to see how a Bitcoin blockchain record could be practical to a some-more normal store of value, in this box gold.

Over a past few weeks, Bitgold has launched, and has embarked on both an costly and active selling effort. Unfortunately, notwithstanding a hype, a closer demeanour during Bitgold reveals that it has positively zero to do with Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, or any identical concept. In fact, a usually partial of Bitgold that involves a blockchain is that a crush of past exchange is stored on a blockchain, formulating an permanent review route in a future. Aside from this teenager detail, Bitgold is zero though a centralized bullion formed digital currency/payment processor and is in fact no opposite than a luckless e-Gold from a start of a millennium.

For those who are not informed with a predestine of e-Gold, a association was raided and close down by a United States

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