BitInka to Expand Across Latin America in the Coming days

The Latin American continent has an emerging bitcoin ecosystem. Countries like Brazil and Argentina are in the forefront when it comes to bitcoin usage and developing bitcoin technology based tools and businesses. The continent has seen an increase in the number of bitcoin related businesses in recent days.

As the number of bitcoin related start-ups continue to increase, the ones that are already established are on an expansion spree. BitInka is one such company that is planning to take over the entire region and offer bitcoin based financial services to the unbanked. BitInka is a bitcoin platform that allows users to buy, sell or trade bitcoin. The company currently has a presence in Peru, Venezuela Bolivia and Brazil. Soon it will be including three more countries – Argentina, Columbia and Chile.

Once the company expands to these new locations, BitInka will become the first universal bitcoin platform to serve most of the Latin American countries. The platform, founded by Roger Gabriel in 2013 has been working in partnership with local banks, financial institutions and local collection agencies to provide convenient withdrawal options for its users.  Banco de Credito del Peru and Banco de Credito de Bolivia figure

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