Bitit Sells Bitcoin at 100000 Stores

Bitit Sells Bitcoin at 100000 Stores

Billing itself as “the easy instant access to Bitcoins,” Bitit, a Paris, France-based bitcoin sales platform, allows people to buy bitcoin for cash or credit card in stores and online. The vouchers and prepaid gift cards are available at 100,000 stores. There is a map of the stores on the company website.

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Bitit’s goal, according to its website, is to make the cryptocurrency available to people in less than 10 minutes through prepaid cards or vouchers.

Once a user has a Bitit code, they can redeem their voucher or prepaid gift card online, provided they have a bitcoin wallet. If they don’t have a bitcoin wallet, the Bitit website allows them to create one.

The user will know when they redeem their voucher or gift card what the fiat-to-bitcoin exchange rate is. Bitit uses different cryptocurrency exchanges to determine the exchange rate for users.

Transaction Fees

When buying online with a credit card, the transaction fee is 3.9% and the exchange rate

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