BitLanders’ FlapPig – a Flying Pig That Earns You Bitcoins

Most of us have heard about the game Flappy Bird and we have heard about Angry Birds as well, where the birds fight with the pigs. Now we have something new, which seems to be a combination of both and it’s called FlapPig. It’s a game where pigs have wings. If pigs can have wings, then gaining bitcoins for playing the game shouldn’t come as a surprise as well.

That’s what happens in FlapPig. Players can follow the story of the lead pig called Foo in this game of FlapPig created by bitLanders. The new game, launched two days ago on Google Play Store and Apple iOS app store works with the player’s bitLanders account.

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The flying golden pig, Foo has a strange liking to the digital gold in this game. The pig keeps flying collecting as many bitcoins as possible, as the pig collects more bitcoins, the gamer will also get more bitcoins into his bitLanders account.

The game play of FlapPig can be related to that of Flappy Bird, where the player has to keep the

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