BitLicense Exemption a ‘Huge Deal’ for RibbitRewards

Following the June 3 release of the final NY BitLicence, many FinTech startups face increased scrutiny, but the new ruling excludes rewards programs, which has been a boon for RibbitRewards.

CoinTelegraph spoke to Sean Dennis, CEO and co-founder of “the first rewards program built using blockchain technology.” He said:

“[S]ince the BitLicense was released, the exclusion is a huge deal. We were hoping for it from the beginning, and now it is set in stone. The big companies have started calling again which is great.”

Despite widespread fears about the effects of the BitLicense, the final reaction by some in the community has been positive. For RibbitRewards, the certainty of having the final BitLicense published has been both a relief and a boost to conversations with potential inventors and clients. Dennis says:  

“[W]e have been in talks with a number of Fintech and large players within the Loyalty points industry, and this has really helped invigorate interest and confidence to go

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