Bitmain to Launch Antminer R4 for Home Bitcoin Mining

Bitmain to Launch Antminer R4 for Home Bitcoin Mining

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Bitmain Technologies Limited, a Beijing-based owners of a Antminer array of bitcoin miners, Hashnest, Antpool and, will launch what it calls a world’s many wordless multi-terahash bitcoin miner and a wordless 2600W PSU designed for high-performance bitcoin mining.



With these new products, Bitmain seeks to move bitcoin mining behind to homes and continue decentralizing a bitcoin mining network.

Most Power Efficient Chip

The Antminer R4 uses a 16nm BM1387 ASIC chip, that it considers a world’s many power-efficient chip for bitcoin mining. The chip can broach a hashrate of 8.6TH/s with a energy potency of 0.1J/GH during a sound turn reduction than 50dB. The sound turn is 52dB during an ambient heat of 35°C.

Bitmain’s in-house engineered control house for a Antminer R4 employs a Xilinx’s ZYNQ-7000 family system-on-a-chip (SoC). The chip integrates a feature-rich dual-core ARM® CortexTM-A9 formed estimate complement (PS) as good as a 28 nm Xilinx programmable proof (PL) in a singular device. It supports Gigabit Ethernet to safeguard mined blocks are submitted instantly.

Least Possible Sound

The Antminer R4

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