Bitmain to Release New Bitcoin Miner in Bid to Attract Hobbyists

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One ambitious bitcoin company is seeking to make mining a hobbyist activity again.

China-based Bitmain let slip today it will soon release its latest bitcoin mining rig, the R4, which it believes will be powerful enough to “bring mining back home”.

Representatives for Bitmain said in an email to CoinDesk that the R4 is “the second most powerful bitcoin miner in the world”, and that it will seek to reach enthusiasts with its production.

By building the miner with 16nm chips, Bitmain said it is able to reduce the cost of electricity for the miner, a leading factor for profitability. According to the spec sheet, users can expect a hashrate of 8.6 TH/s with a power consumption and efficiency of 845W and nearly 0.1 J/GH, respectively.

Ambitious aims

For the average bitcoin enthusiast, mining is a thing of the past.

Ever since the first ASIC chips were introduced in early 2013, bitcoin mining difficulty has skyrocketed, making it more difficult for the average person to eke out any sort of profit with their own hardware. But Bitmain is providing details on why it believes the activity may once again be viable for the general market.

To ensure the miner can

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