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BitMesh is a platform that allows users to share their bandwidth or Internet connections with others in exchange for bitcoin. Without the involvement of third-party escrow or contracts, users can achieve a mutual negotiation for the pricing and share Internet freely and cheaply.

The BitMesh development team has already developed a working prototype in which users can set up a BitMesh server on a raspberry pi and connect several clients to it. Similar to other bitcoin platforms like JoyStream, which lets users pay very small amounts of bitcoin in exchange for a minimal service like leeching a torrent, the BitMesh network uses bitcoin micropayment channels for its server and clients. The implementation of the bitcoin micropayment technology enables users to prepay for the bandwidth that they would like to use, and it also enables the BitMesh server to measure both used and remaining Internet time with a captive portal.

Once BitMesh is launched, it will create a friendlier and easier environment for anyone who hopes to share their extra bandwidth for money, and for those willing to pay for Internet only for the amount of time which they’d like to use. This also helps people without mobile data plans or expensive WiFi plans to connect to the Internet instantly, especially while travelling.