Bitnet and PAY.ON Bring Bitcoin to PSP Clients

Despite Bitcoin being a global and borderless form of payment, there are still efforts underway to enable bitcoin acceptance globally.  Most merchants still find it difficult to find a Bitcoin payment solution that suits all of their needs.  A recent partnership between Bitnet and PAY.on might shake up the e-commerce industry as a whole, and catapult Bitcoin to the foreground in spectacular fashion.

Using Existing Infrastructure To Leverage Bitcoin AdoptionPAY.ON

Pushing Bitcoin adoption to new levels, especially where merchants are concerned, is not an easy task.  By using an existing global payment network – in the form of PAY.ON – Bitnet aims to enable Bitcoin payments to existing merchants all around the world.  Doing so allows merchants to expand their customer base exponentially, as Bitcoin payments can be used anywhere in the world.

However, the option to enable Bitcoin payments is still a decision to be made by the individual merchant or payment processor.  PAY.ON can only offer this new feature to their existing and new customers, but Bitcoin payments will not be enabled by default.  Enabling Bitcoin payments, as a merchant, will not require additional code to set up on websites.

The reason

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