Bitnet Enabling Bitcoin Internationally for Limontek Clients

limonetik-bitcoin-payment-integration-bitnetBitnet, a Bitcoin payments processor, seems to be on a mission of sneaking the Bitcoin option in by adding it to existing payment rails.

The company made up of former Visa employees and other veterans of the traditional payments industry have partnered with a number of traditional payment processors, and in its most recent move has added Limonetik to its list of partners. Limonetik services clients around the world, including Paypal internationally.

The partnership will mean that any company currently using the Limonetik payment platform will have the ability to add Bitcoin as a payment option. Companies that currently contract with Limonetik include Alipay, a service of Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites. Could this new partnership, by association, amount to an eventual Bitcoin integration into Alipay and Alibaba? Time will tell, but certainly all the pieces are now in place. Bitcoin would work particularly well for a site like Alibaba though it could have the effect

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