Bitnik Reload Offers Anonymous Global Bitcoin Refill Service

Buying Bitcoin still remains one of the biggest hurdles to overcome for the mainstream audience that the community so desperately wants to reach.  Once a person runs out of Bitcoins in their wallet, they have to look for a quick and convenient place to purchase more coins.  This is not always an easy task, but Bitcoin startup Bitnik Reload aims to change all of that.

Bitnik Reload – Refilling Bitcoin Wallets On-The-FlyBitnik Reload Process

For the everyday consumer, buying Bitcoins in a quick and secure manner is almost impossible.  Nearly every Bitcoin exchange platform requires some form of identity verification, and even Bitcoin ATM’s are not always a solution to this problem.  Using marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins is an alternative, but convincing people to meet up with a random person to buy Bitcoin is not something that sits well with mainstream consumers.

Bitnik Reload might just be the perfect solution that works for everyone.  The company’s main goal is to provide an automatic Bitcoin buying service, serving as a refill platform for avid digital currency users.  But that is not all, as Bitnik Reload also offers to hedge against the Bitcoin price volatility by converting fiat currency into Bitcoin on the spot.

Such a powerful platform can be quite beneficial to all parties involved.  From the Bitcoin reseller perspective, as well as the Bitcoin consumer’s point of view, the whole system of buying and selling virtual currency becomes automated.  Users spend fiat currency at the exact Bitcoin market price, with no premium rates being charged for either buying or selling digital currency.

To keep the Bitcoin reseller in business, they need access to platforms that allow them to re-buy digital currency on-the-fly.  However, without a proper liquidity provider, this task becomes next to impossible.  Bitnik Reload wants to solve this problem by offering support to individual users, BTM operators and even LocalBitcoins sellers.

In this day and age, Bitcoin can be used to buy nearly everything in the world, as well as paying bills or making donations to charitable causes.  Any user can buy Bitcoin wherever they go, as long as there are funds in their exchange account.  For a complete list of supported exchanges, click here.

All of the transfers executed through the Bitnik Reload platform will be completed in a matter of seconds.  Once a transaction notification is passed to the system, the automated process is triggered automatically.  The user will have immediate access to the funds, and be in full control of it at any given time, as Bitnik Reload does not “hold” user funds at any stage.Bitcoin Liquidity

Supporting All Liquidity Providers

There is one major thing that makes Bitnik Reload stand out from any other similar service.  They support any and all liquidity providers around the world in the same manner.  No longer will there be a “vendor bias”, as Bitnik Reload users can use any Bitcoin wallet service combined with whichever liquidity provider they prefer.

Combine this with the platform’s fully automated process for both buying and selling Bitcoin, and it becomes clear why Bitnik Reload is a platform to keep an eye on for the future.  Considering how this service is available on a worldwide scale, and there are no limitations set in place right now, Bitnik Reload could become a major success in the next few years.

What might be even more intriguing is how Bitnik Reload is not subject to any KYC and AML regulatory requirements.  The platform never holds user funds, as it only services to let people connect different services with each other on their own accord.  The added bonus for platforms users is that they can remain completely anonymous, as no personal details – other than an email address – are required during sign up.


Images courtesy of Bitnik Reload, Shutterstock