BitPay Block Size Solution Introduces Dynamic Scalability

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For those people looking to see the Bitcoin block size debate coming to an end, that will not be happening anytime soon, unfortunately. Things have gotten more interesting a few weeks ago when rumours started appearing about BitPay looking to implement their own Bitcoin block size solution. This new adaptive block size solution holds some interesting merit, although it remains to be seen whether or not this solution will ever be implemented.

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The BitPay Median Block Size-based Solution

Although both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic each have their own benefits and drawbacks regarding creating a block size solution on the software side, the BitPay option is kind of interesting as well. Rather than sticking to a particular block size and upgrading it at certain time intervals  BitPay is looking at a median block size solution.

As the name suggests, this BitPay block size solution will impose a dynamic limit, rather than forcing a particular block size upon users at any given time. Determining the proper block size for a particular moment in time is done by looking at the median size over the

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