BitPay Co-Founder Jetsets Atlantic as Company Implodes


(ATLANTA) — As a business he co-founded was bursting into a fungus cloud of pixie dust, BitPay co-founder, Tony Gallippi, was jet-setting opposite a Atlantic, visiting London, and quick blazing by a company’s remaining cash.

The initial signs of difficulty during a organisation began surfacing on Sep 16th, as news stories began circulating of a hacking liaison within a executive offices of a struggling remuneration processor. According to justice documents, during Dec 2014, BitPay’s CEO Stephen Pair sent $1.8 million dollars to a bitcoin residence supposing to him in an email from an particular impersonating a company’s arch financial officer, Bryan Krohn.

The news came to light after Bitpay inaugurated to sue a word provider in an try to redeem a mislaid funds. The association is seeking a courts to force a word provider to cover a CEO’s multi-million-dollar blunder. Even yet BitPay has lifted $32.5 million by 3 appropriation rounds, incorrectly promulgation scarcely $2 million in bitcoin to a wrong chairman does eat adult money fast.

Interestingly, as word of a liaison began swelling by a Bitcoin community, BitPay’s co-founder, Tony Gallippi, was appearing in-studio on RT radio module “The Keiser Report”,

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