BitPay Executive Weighs in on the Bitcoin Price Surge

BitPay Executive Weighs in on the Bitcoin Price Surge

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Bitcoin price has been in the spotlight of the financial media lately with its soaring value and is understandably getting plenty of attention. In a televised interview on Bloomberg, an executive at BitPay – the largest payment processor in the industry, outlines his reasons for the price swell.

Sonny Singh, chief commercial officer at BitPay appeared in a televised interview on Bloomberg where he was asked about bitcoin’s recent rally. The rapid price surge began over the past few weeks to break the $750 ceiling late last week, hitting a 28-month high for the cryptocurrency.

Inevitably, the primary factor he cites is the demand from new Chinese investors who are looking at the cryptocurrency as a store of value.

Chinese Stuttering Economy, the Demand for Bitcoin

The first opening session of 2016 when Chinese stock markets opened on a Monday saw shares dip to their worst ever

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