BitPhone Offers Cheap Worldwide Calls For Bitcoin

From a financial perspective, Bitcoin can be deemed to be a godsend for people who are not in favor of disclosing any personal information when making payments online. Whereas most people automatically assume Bitcoin users have something to hide, a counterargument can be made for how much privacy consumers have sacrificed in order to enjoy convenient online payments. BitPhone is combining VoIP calling with Bitcoin payments to provide additional layers of user privacy.

BitPhone – The Fight Against Phone Trolling ContinuesBitphone

In this day and age of technological advancements, there are both advantages and disadvantages to everyday services used by consumers.  One of the oldest media of communications, the telephone, has become a victim of a new trend called “phone trolling” , where various companies call customers with offers to sell services or items at discounted rates.

One of the main reasons why these companies can contact unsuspecting customers out of the blue is because they have access to most people’s phone numbers. Such a vital piece of contact information can be pulled from social media, or in most cases, phone companies will sell a list of their customer’s details to third parties.

Privacy does not seem to have a place in our society anymore, and there are little to no efforts underway to change that anytime soon. But that isn’t keeping various companies around the world from trying to restore user privacy up to a certain extent. BitPhone is a VoIP company offering users the option to mask their identity when making phone calls to over 200 countries around the world.

While the service sounds great for the average consumer at first glance, there are certain risks associated with this service as well. BitPhone allows for spoofing existing phone numbers, which could bring a whole new level of trolling to our society. Or to take things one step further, this spoofing option can lead to blackmailing and harassment of individuals.

Even though Bitcoin is accepted as a payment method, which is great news for the digital currency community, BitPhone seems to be giving it a slightly negative connotation as well. Because BitPhone allows customers to mask their identity by using Bitcoin payments, plus the tools to spoof existing phone numbers, opens up the door for misuse across the board.

Positive Side In Cheaper Worldwide Phone Calls

For every negative aspect about BitPhone, there is a positive note as well. BitPhone is a perfect solution for people looking to make cheaper phone calls to over 200 countries around the world. On top of that, the masking of caller identity can be beneficial as well, depending on how the end user plans to use the service provided by BitPhone.

BitPhone is created by, and the company has been ensuring the media that calls abusing the Terms and Conditions will be handled in a strict manner. On top of that, a number of legal actions have been taken to combat the misuse of phone number spoofing. None of these steps are visible on the website itself, but the company’s statement serves as a stern warning to those users with less than honest intentions.


Images courtesy of BitPhone and Shutterstock